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In this article, we have harnessed the resources to help you pick the Best Massage Chairs in India. We shortlisted the top 10 Best Massage Chairs in India after reviewing over 25 products from 20+ best-selling brands.

Our comprehensive buying guide for the Best Massage Chairs in India includes all product details below. You can compare the features, price, availability, and warranty of each product and make an informed buying decision.

Best Massage Chairs in India – Updated List

Last updated on May 1, 2020 11:50 am

Best Massage Chairs in India – Reviewed

Now let’s get down to the review of all these Massage Chairs one by one.

BODYFRIEND 4D Massage Chair | Multiple Airbags | Luxurious Look With Bluetooth & Zero Gravity

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as of May 1, 2020 11:50 am


  • 4D Technology Automatic Body Scan to suit different height persons. It will scan your body and adjust the rollers to reach all areas of your body
  • Multiple Air Bags in all parts of the chair, Back massage, Head Massage, Foot massage.
  • Real Super Long SL Track of 1450mm, Zero gravity Heavy Duty Chair
  • Bluetooth Music Play & Intensity Control, This massage chair can move the rollers along the track either up and down, or left and right as well as moving in and out of the massage chair (three dimensions), which can provide a deeper massage than other massage chairs.
  • One Year On site Warranty, Toll Free: 1800-270-4545

Boyfriend massage chair Designed with a set of vertically movable, four wheel driven muted intelligent massage hands designed with emulation massage methods of shiatsu kneading. Flapping, knocking, simultaneous kneading and flapping. Set with the shoulder automatic detection and location Set with characterised auto massage function. Ache-improving comfort ease fast improving experience massage. Massage chair Manual massage for the upper body with three options, fixed, partial and overall massage, with five levels of speed adjustable in the state of flapping, shiatsu and knocking, the width between the two kneading balls which are adjustable with three Levels.

HOPZ Beige Color PVC Material European Style Inflatable Small Sofa Electric Full Body Massager Chair Sets Pain Relief Bodyfriend Vibration Machine For Home Furniture Living Room Furniture

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  • This Product Type is Full Body Massager Chair And It's Color Beige And Maroon But it is not specific in color we will dispatch any color out of two.
  • This Electric Massger Chair is made in heavy PVC material With BPA Free.
  • This massager chair is used for massage of full body and pain relief so you can feel relax with massage of this chair
  • This Massger chair style is european style sofa bed so you can feel very comfortable with this
  • You Can used this sofa chair set like Home Furniture,Living Room Furniture,Camping,Travel.

HOPZ PVC European Style Inflatable Small Sofa Electric Full Body Massager Chair Sets For Pain Relief 

Features :

Vibrating Massage chairs not only ease aches and pains, but can help relaxation and lower stress. Using a massage chair can have a positive effect on both your physical and mental health.

-It aligns the spine and reduces pressure on nerves

-It relaxes your muscles and helps you to maintain good posture

-It relieves stress

-It improves your circulation

-It stimulates the body's secretion of endorphins

Sales Package Content : 1 Body massager Chair + 1 Inflator Pump



JSB HF64 Back Massager Machine for Neck Shoulder Pain Relief in Car Seat and Office Chair (Back and Neck Kneading Massager Professional)

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as of May 1, 2020 11:50 am


  • Neck and Back Shiatsu massage - Relaxing massage by kneading.
  • Soothing Heat Function to make the kneading feature more meaningful.
  • Adjust the height of neck massager rollers with the touch of a button. Neck Rollers can do Neck and Shoulder massage
  • Spot Massage to work on specific points on your back ; Seat with 3 vibration settings.
  • Dedicated Rollers work in tandem to relieve work related muscle stiffness in Neck and Back. 1 Year National Warranty : Toll Free Customer Support : 1800-103-9121 (Mon to Sat 10 AM to 7 PM)

People suffering with back and neck pain would agree that it can make it difficult for you to move around. Back and neck pain related to cervical or spondylitis is chronic and need a professional massager like JSB HF64. It can be used on an office chair or in your car with the help of the 12v car adapter included.

JSB HF05 Leg Foot Massager with Reflexology Vibration Plate for Quick Pain Relief

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as of May 1, 2020 11:50 am


  • Leg foot massager machine for pain relief with rubber kneading pads to effectively massage foot ankle and calf at the same time
  • Helps support blood circulation in men and women, effective in varicose veins, foot pain calf pain, arthritis, knee pain
  • Leg massager machine can recline upto 45 degrees : use while sitting/reclining, 15 minutes auto off
  • Has 3 modes of vibration + 3 modes of kneading, relaxing reflexology vibration plate on sole of foot, for users upto 5'6" height : above that height this leg massager will not cover some part of upper calves
  • Please turn on the master power button at the side of the machine to start the massager

JSB HF05 Leg Foot Massager Machine for Pain Relief with Rubber Kneading Pads to Effectively Massage Foot Ankle and Calf at the same time. This leg massager helps promote blood circulation in men and women and is effective in Varicose Veins, Foot Pain Calf Pain, Arthiritis and Knee Pain. This JSB Leg Massager Machine for foot can recline upto 45 degrees and be used while sitting or reclining on a chair. This Foot Pain Relief Product has got a 15 Minutes Auto Off function. This Foot Massager has 3 Modes of Vibration + 3 Modes of Kneading and has a Relaxing Reflexology Vibration Plate on sole of foot. This leg massager for runners is Ideal for users upto 5'6" height : Above that height this leg massager will not cover some part of upper calves. This JSB Massager comes with 1 Year JSB National Warranty , Doorstep After Sales Service PAN India and Demo is Available in Most Metro Cities.

Future Massager Fully Automatic Zero Gravity Mini Full Body Massage Chair

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as of May 1, 2020 11:50 am


  • Use Voltage controller or Steplizer if there is fluctuation for better life of the product
  • Color: Brown
  • Full Body massage chair
  • Sit on it like you sit on chair and start a program.

Use Voltage controller or Steplizer if there is fluctuation for better life of the product,Full Body massage chair. Four-Rollers back massage mechanism, provide rolling, kneading, tapping, pressing and other massage programs.Auto-detect function. confirm the massage range according to the body shape,Airbags provide air pressure for shoulder, waist, arm, Butt, calf and foot,Move front before lying down, saving space,Rolling massage for sole parts. SUZUKI PLUS massage chair provides foot and calf massage,Extendable footrest, Maximum 15cm. Special design for people of different height.

Grin Health Full Back Kneading Shiatsu Back Massager Deep Kneading Massage Seat Cushion Chair Massager with Heating for Pain Relief and Muscle Relaxation (GHM206)

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as of May 1, 2020 11:50 am


  • [ MASSAGER SEAT CUSHION - FULL BACK] Soft 3D rotating Gel Massage Nodes, shiatsu back massager incorporates our soft gel technology on the massage nodes to create a real palm-like feel massage. Soft yet firm, that's how a natural massage it will deliver.
  • [VIBRATION SEAT MASSAGE] Vibration seat by separately control provides you a gentle comfortable vibration. Vibration offer low profile vibration It strengthen the metabolism.
  • [SOOTHING HEAT THERAPY] Optional heating function provides gentle warmth to relax muscles pain across your entire back, lumbar and shoulders. To soothe fatigue and simultaneously improve blood circulation while enjoying massaging. 15 minutes auto shut off function to ensure safety.
  • [ULTIMATE COMFORT] Use this massage cushion on a sofa, couch, recliner, office chair or dinning chair and car seat (Includes car adapter).
  • [WHAT YOU GET] (1) Massager Model: GHM206 , 110-220V Power Source, Remote.

Grin Health Full Back Massager for Upper, Lower Back and Waist with 3D shiatsu kneading rotating massage nodes that penetrate deep into your back to loosen tight muscles and to help release stress, aches, tension and knots. Features also an optional gentle warmth, to help you unwind from a stressful day.

NOTE: It does not have heat pad, it works as warmth that is comfortable but not hot.

All-IN-ONE an strong and powerful kneading massage for your entire back or relaxing your shoulders or waist with deep-kneading massage nodes and soothing heat. Relieve tired body as well as a professional does-penetration of a real massage therapist hands.

Convert your favorite chair into a relaxing and revitalizing massage chair. The ergonomic design fully supports your lower back and provides instant relief. Features 12 individual massage nodes to massage a large massage area of your back.

It can massage for upper back, lower back, full back...

Carefit Full Body Pain Relief Relax Automatic Massage Chair - Black

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as of May 1, 2020 11:50 am


  • Perfect Pain Relief Low Cost Auto Relax Massage Chair with LCD Hand controller
  • 18 Pc Massaging Balls in the back for full back massage
  • Multiple air bags all over the chair
  • 1 year standard warranty services & auto incline gravity function
  • Just sit & relax with linear actuator & diverse massage modes

Carefit Auto-Relax massage chair is driven by a set of vertically movable, 18 massage balls & automatic massage modes for the whole body.

JSB MZ30 Massage Chair for Home Full Body Relief from Stress

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as of May 1, 2020 11:50 am


  • Compact massage chair for every household, full body massage with kneading rollers and airbags
  • 8 Dedicated rollers for back and neck massage, airbag massage on shoulder, arms, thighs, calves and feet
  • Ankle and foot roller massage, soothing heat on lower back, stretch massage to relieve muscle stiffness
  • 3 Auto modes and option to select different body parts separately, foot extendable as per user height, reclines like a bed, easy to use control
  • 1 Year warranty

MZ30 Massage Chair for Home for Full Body Relief from Stress. This Compact Massage Chair is space saving and can fit in Every Household. The Relaxing Massaging Chair is equipped witth Full Body Massage with Kneading Rollers and Airbags. The 8 Dedicated Rollers for Back and Neck Massage and Airbag Massage on Shoulder, Arms, Thighs, Calves and Feet. Ankle and Foot Roller Massage the same massage strokes of a massuer. The Soothing Heat on Lower Back and Stretch Massage to Relieve Muscle Stiffness leads to better blood circulation and stretching opens up stiff body muscles. The 3 Auto Modes can be very useful for people of various ages especially elderly, people with fatigue, diabetic patients, or people with poor blood circulation. There are Option to Select Different Body Parts Separately in this recliner chair. This zero gravity massage chair has got Foot Extendable as per User Height and also Reclines like a Bed so that you can watch your favourite TV shows or read a magazine while...

ARTH-ENTERPRISES Rechargeable Massage Bed With Heat Massaging Mattress Sleep Beauty Spa Heating Vibrating Head Neck Leg Massager Bed Cushion Massage With Remote Control Full Body Massage

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as of May 1, 2020 11:50 am


  • VIBRATION MASSAGE: equipped with two dynamic massage motors with massage levels of various intensities. It can reduce pressure, relieve fatigue and muscle soreness effectively, it can stimulate acu point and relax muscles
  • INTALLIGENT DESIGN: inbuilt high-frequency massage balls of nine levels, shiatsu kneading massage for the neck, shoulder, back and thighs and the lower back area provide deep massage
  • SUITABLE FOR: mental workers, people who have lumbar and leg pain or people who work beside the computer constantly, It's beneficial to both physical and mental health, a good gift commodity for health improving
  • HEAT THERAPY: It has great effect in promoting metabolism, improving blood circulation, removing blood stasis, dredging the channel
  • HUMANIZED DESIGN: of concave-convex surface of the cushion makes the effect more obvious when using, heat therapy, vibration massage, double-sided design, meet different aesthetic needs, easy to store, practical and convenient

About the product: -Full Body Massager Mat-Equipped with 9 vibrating massage motors provides soothing vibrating massages that penetrate into full body to help relief stress, tension and eliminate fatigue. -Comfortable Mat-Made with good quality Polyester which is comfortable and soft creating a great hand feeling surface for user to lay on. Double-sided design, meet different aesthetic needs. Description: -Manufactured by high quality polyester, extremely breathable and comfortable. -It has great effect in promoting metabolism, improving blood circulation, dredging the channel. -It can reduce pressure, relieve fatigue and muscle soreness effectively. Double-sided design can meet different aesthetic needs. -Suitable for mental workers, people who have lumbar and leg pain or people who work beside the computer constantly.

GHK H75 Full Back,Neck and shoulder Kneading Massager with Vibration on Thigh for Car, Home & Office Use Car Charger & Electric Charger Inclusive

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as of May 1, 2020 11:50 am


  • It comes with car charger as well as an electric charger. 1 year warranty
  • H75 Neck and back massager massages the neck and back muscles to relieve tension and stress after a long day
  • Say bye to pain arising out of a long drive through the straight roads or country paths
  • H75 Neck and back massager can be used in car or while at home or office

Back pain is a very common complaint in today's world. Back pain is one of the most common medical problems, affecting 8 out of 10 people at some point of time during their lives. The lumbar area is the most common area for pain, as it supports most of the weight in the upper body. Lower back pain is a very common problem for computer users and research shows that over 80% of people who use their computer for more than 4 hours suffer from low back pain. We spend long hours working in front of the computer, sitting in front of the TV or sleeping in the wrong position and forget about our posture and back pain issues. According to experts, back pain is associated with the way our bones, muscles and ligaments in our back work together. We present to you a unique massager to help you get rid of the pain from your back & neck. H75 Neck & Back Massager massages the neck muscles to relieve tension & stress after a long day. It is convenient and easy to use. It consists of two different...


If you don’t already own one, having a quality Massage Chairs around the house can come in handy. For selecting which one to purchase, keep your purpose for buying a Massage Chairs and budget in mind, and make a practical and informed choice.

If you are still unsure and need more help, check out the star ratings and reviews of the customers on Amazon who have actually purchased these Massage Chairs.


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