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In this article, we have harnessed the resources to help you pick the Best Filter Water Jugs in India. We shortlisted the top 10 Best Filter Water Jugs in India after reviewing over 25 products from 20+ best-selling brands.

Our comprehensive buying guide for the Best Filter Water Jugs in India includes all product details below. You can compare the features, price, availability, and warranty of each product and make an informed buying decision.

Best Filter Water Jugs in India – Updated List

Best Filter Water Jugs in India – Reviewed

Now let’s get down to the review of all these Filter Water Jugs one by one.

KENT Alkaline Water Filter Pitcher 3.5-litres

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  • Color: Grey
  • Water with a well-balanced pH level is a necessity, Filter Materials: Sediment - Carbon - Alkaline Media
  • Being either too alkaline or too acidic can be detrimental to health
  • Kent alkaline water filter pitcher increases the pH level of water to provide us with the right pH (8.5 - 9.5) level water for a healthy body and healthy mind
  • Kent alkaline water filter pitcher decreases the Oxygen Reduction Potential (ORP) and makes antioxidant alkaline water, which tastes fresh and clean

Kent has introduced alkaline water filter pitcher to provide you and your family with safe, clean and germ-free water with the right pH levels. It's important for us to drink water with the right pH for a healthy body and mind. Kent alkaline water filter pitcher not only ensures the right pH levels in water, but also removes chemical and physical impurities, thus giving pure water with right pH levels for a healthy lifestyle.

Hi-Tech AA Alkaline Jug 2.5 Liter

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  • Supplies Natural Calcium, Magnesium, Potassium and other trace Minerals.
  • Make Anti-Oxidant water with an ORP(Oxidation Reduction Potential) - 100 to -200
  • Produce natural alkaline water with a pH of 7.5-85 which results neutralises acidic waste and discharges it from the body.
  • Water cluster size is reduced for superior hydration.
  • Removes harmful active oxygen

AA Revive Range You're only as healthy as the water you drink. A major role of keeping your water clean is played by the bottle you store the water in. The only thing better than a bottle which stores clean water is a bottle that helps to get a more healthy drinking water. Hi-Tech's AA Revive Jug revives the water and helps in creating Anti-Oxidant Alkaline water- on the go. This bottle makes use of Korean Bio Ceramic Technology that uses Ceramic Balls which displays high extrusion strength and zero percolation or deformation to ensure the purest and healthiest drinking water. Not only does the AA Revive bottle provides Mineralized Anti-Oxidant Alkaline (pH 7.5-8.5) drinking water but also adds essential nutrients like Calcium, Magnesium, Sodium, Potassium while regulating the Oxygen content in the water. Why Alkaline Water? Your body needs a delicate acid-alkaline balance. Unfortunately, our Diet is rich in acidic substances and foods including meat, dairy, processed foods and...

PROKLEAN Kent Alkaline Pitcher Media (Black)

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as of March 10, 2020 4:43 am


  • Kent pitcher media
  • Increases the PH level of water
  • Good for health

Kent alkaline pitcher media Increases the PH level of water Good for health.

Watamate Puro FIL, Alkaline Cartridge for Watamate Puro ALK Water Filter Pitcher

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as of March 10, 2020 4:43 am


  • ALKALINE GOODNESS: Alkaline water is a good source of anti-oxidants. It effectively helps to balance pH ratio of the body.
  • EASE OF USE: PURO ALK Fil Cartridge is compatible with PURO ALK Jug which offers the comfort of alkaline water filtering as simple as in a jug without hassles of wall mounting, large space, manual cleaning, expensive filter changes etc.,
  • TECHNOLOGY: ALK filter technology uses multi-layer Composite alkaline filtration which dissolve solid, eliminate toxicant and enhance immunity
  • HYDRATION & IMMUNITY: Alkaline water has smaller molecular count making it easier for the body to absorb. Keeping our bodies in a more alkaline state will boost the immune system
  • LOW COST: One PURO ALK Fil Cartridge typically lasts upto 60 days considering 2.5 litres of alkaline drinking water consumption. For Customer Support call Toll Free at 1800 121 553 333


Watamate a renowned brand in Water management solutions is proud to present its unique Water filtering solution called 'Watamate PURO ALK'. Using ALK, an advanced alkaline water filtering technology, Watamate PURO ALK will filter out harmful contaminants within minutes to provide clean & safe drinking alkaline water.


1. A simple solution to get Alkaline water at home

2. No more hassles of expensive filtration equipment

3. Remove harmful toxicants and acid from raw water

4. Global design offering water tightness and easy pour out

5. Puro Fil cartridge last long yielding low cost alkaline water filtration




Best choice for Fitness studios, Home, Activity Centres etc.,

Enjoy the unique Alkaline water filtering solution -Watamate PURO ALK!

Milton Kool Seal 7 Insulated Water Jug, 6 Ltrs, 1 Pc, Blue

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as of March 10, 2020 4:43 am


  • Insulated water jug in Unique Square-Round shape
  • Easy-Flow-Button for flow control
  • Wide Mouth for easy cleaning
  • Dual-tone finish with attractive graphics which is available in 3 color options
  • Nested Tap to avoid accidental breakage and sturdy built in handle for easy carrying.

Usage and Maintenance Instructions: Make sure the lid is tightened and the "Easy Flow Button" is closed, when not in use. Use liquid soap and a sponge to clean the interiors and exteriors. Keep the lid open for 2 minutes, before refilling, allowing the fresh air inside. Fill and maintain the contents to full capacity for longer temperature retention. Do not expose to fire / hot surfaces. Kool Seal Water Jug is a combination of performance, convenience and a unique shape, a must for the summers. While Wide-Mouth makes it easy for cleaning & maintenance, the all new "Easy-Flow-Button" gives total control of the flow. This water jug can be handled with ease, thanks to the sturdy handle and a nested tap. Most importantly it does the job to complete satisfaction - Keeping contents cold for long hours.

TTK Prestige Tattva 2.0 copper 16-Liter Water Purifier (Brown)

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as of March 10, 2020 4:43 am


  • Enhances digestion
  • Slows, Filter: 3 Stage Filtration, Overflow Protection: Yes
  • Stops growth of harmful bacteria
  • Helps boost the immune system
  • Enhances hemoglobin synthesis

Introducing tattva water purifier a unique and one of a kind water purifier which is a blend of tradition and modernity. Its all natural advanced fact filter removes harmful bacteria, protozoa and cysts from the water to make it safe and clean. Tattva brings the goodness of Indian tradition to bring you safe and clean drinking water to keep you and your family happier and healthier. For any Queries contact Customer care : 1800-123-334411

Milton Kool Rover 12, Insulated Plastic, Water Jug, Blue

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as of March 10, 2020 4:43 am


  • Deal for use at home, outdoor events and while on the go
  • It has a wide mouth to ensure easy filling and cleaning
  • Insulated Plastic Leak-proof and breakage-resistant lid
  • Package Contains: Kool Rover 12 Water Jug (11 L)

Now you can carry cool drinking water with you in the Milton Kool Musafir water jug and stay hydrated wherever you go. You can use this water jug at home, outdoors and even while travelling. Milton Musafir Kool water jug has a capacity for 10 litres, which is sufficient for carrying water for a significant part of the day without refills. This Milton water jug is made of 100 percent food virgin plastic, making it non-toxic and safe for you and your family. It has a leak-proof lid and is breakage-resistant, preventing water and other liquids from leaking out.

ARG HEALTH CARE Alkaline Water Bottle 650 ML BPA Free Alkaline Bottle Balance PH Level H2o Water Bottle For Weight Loss Energy Body Detox Alkaline Balls Mineral Water Improve Water Taste Power Of Hydrogen PH Water Bottle For Healthy Life

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  • The product promotes positive flow of energy and help to maintain energy balance
  • By restoring the energy balance in the body this flask helps one to maintain health and well-being
  • Improve chronic fatigue conditions, Reduces inflammation, body aches and joint pains
  • Promotes unclamping of cells, Improves circulation and increases energy. Enhances the immune and endocrine systems
  • Enhances cellular nutrition and detoxification., Helps to protect DNA from damage Helps to retard the aging process Promotes better focus and concentration

ARG HEALTH CARE ALKALINE FILTER WATER BOTTLE (AHC786) lets you enjoy the benefits of hydrogen-rich alkaline water wherever you are. The attractive bottle is great for taking to work, using when travelling or taking to the gym. The ceramic balls contained in the filter release hydrogen, calcium, magnesium, potassium, and other beneficial minerals. Not only is the water produced by Alkaline Filter Bottle less acidic, but it contains molecular hydrogen. The impact of drinking hydrogen-rich water is becoming more widely known, with many published articles and peer-reviewed studies revealing myriad benefits to the body.

Package: 1 Alkaline H2O Bottle

COLOR : RAndam Color(As per Availabilty)

ZALTAN Automatic Wireless Water Bottle Switch Rechargeable Automatic Dispenser for 20 Litre Bottle with Portable USB Charging with USB Cable

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as of March 10, 2020 4:43 am


  • CONVENIENCE : No heavy lifting of water cans & hence ideal for women/ senior citizens
  • APPLICATION: Fits standard Bubble top cans in Home, Office, School, Factory or Hospital etc.,
  • INNOVATIVE: waterproof silicon capped button dispenses water in single press
  • Power: rechargeable lithium battery works during powercut. Charge battery for 1hour before first use
  • ELEGANCE Food grade silicon tube is developed exclusively for longer usage. DC adapter is safe to use and consumes negligible electricity. The one touch button is also covered with Silicon for your Safety

Automatic Water Dispenser Comes with a sturdy glossy cylindrical body the soft click button effectively dispenses water in a single touch. Super silent yet powerful motor ensures to dispense water swiftly, what's more, it even works during power cut thanks to the inbuilt rechargeable battery. DISPENSE WATER WITH EASE It brings to you this water can dispenser which is a suitable solution to pump water from the water can. No more heavy lifting water cans. Simply attach the water dispenser and dispense water from the can with ease.

BIOCERA Alkaline Anti-Oxidant Jug Filter (Includes 1 Cartridge - Lasts 4000 liters)

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as of March 10, 2020 4:43 am


  • Flushes acidic in the body . Reduces the ORP of water
  • Supplies minerals such as Ca, K, Na, and Mg to the body
  • Contains smaller water clusters (51.497 Hz) that hydrates the body up to 3 times
  • Contains abundant Hydrogen(H2) to remove activated oxidant
  • Improves water taste and increase PH of water

ONLY ONE CARTRIDGE INCLUDED. Biocera Antioxidant Alkaline Filter decreases Oxygen Reduction Potential (ORP) making the water Antioxidant Alkaline. Biocera Antioxidant Alkaline Water has a fresh taste. Smaller water clusters increase the vitality and positive effect of water. Also, NMR-Analyses (Nuclear Magnetic Resonance) show that normal tap water has a size of about 100 to 130 (Hz) H20 molecules. After passage through the Biocera Jug Filter, the size becomes 50 to 60 (Hz) H20 molecules. Alkalizes the water through activated carbons, removing chlorine in water that affects the taste and odor of the water. The water passes through antioxidant alkaline cartridges, providing ionize and alkalizing water. Each cartridge has a high quality of activated carbons that acted like a magnet and removes chlorine which affects the taste and odor of the water. The ORP decrease cartridges maintain the highest level of antioxidant and micro-clustered alkaline water.


If you don’t already own one, having a quality Filter Water Jugs around the house can come in handy. For selecting which one to purchase, keep your purpose for buying a Filter Water Jugs and budget in mind, and make a practical and informed choice.

If you are still unsure and need more help, check out the star ratings and reviews of the customers on Amazon who have actually purchased these Filter Water Jugs.


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