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Are you looking for the best Calf Sleevs for Men in India? Then you are at the right place because in this article we have researched and reviewed the best Calf Sleevs for Men in India from top Brands.

Each of these products have been chosen after conducting an in-depth review of the best Calf Sleevs for Men in India. Features, price, and customer reviews have also been considered.

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Best Calf Sleevs for Men in India – Updated List

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Best Calf Sleevs for Men in India – Reviewed

Now let’s get down to the review of all these Calf Sleevs for Men one by one.

Flamingo Premium Calf Support - Large

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  • Provides effective relief for aching calf muscles
  • It reduces painful muscle cramp
  • It improves blood circulation and eases muscle strain
  • Available in 4 sizes

Consists of spandex yarn with four ways stretch advantages. It is lighter in weight with over -lock design. Provides controlled compression without leaving impression on the skin. The Achilles tendon connects calf muscle to heel bone. It may cause due to pronated foot, improper foot wear, fatigue and exercise. It is characterized by pain, muscle swelling, fatigue and improper exercise. Flamingo Premium Calf Support gives you a great relief. Four ways stretch advantage provides comfort, support and controlled compressions without leaving impression on skin.

Just Rider 2 Pcs/Pair Super Elastic Lycra for Basketball, Football, Running, it, Work Out Or Any Fitness Activities, Leg Warmers Calf Thigh Compression Sleeves. (Black, XL)

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  • It Just Works!! Wouldn't T It Be Great To Be Able To Train Harder, Recover Faster & Feel Stronger? Now You Can. Our Compression Sleeves Have True Graduated Compression For Improved Performance & Support. They Help Boost Circulation In Your Legs & Reduce Muscle Soreness For Faster Recovery Afterwards. Many Other Sleeves Just Have Tight Elastic Bands That Leave Deep Welts In Your Skin.
  • Size For Perfect, Comfortable Fit - Our Wide 1.2 Inch Anti Slip Strap Ensures The Leg Compression Sleeves Fit Just Right And Do Not Slip Down Your Leg Whilst Running Or Playing. Size - These Calf Sleeves Are Suitable For Men, Women And Young Adults Up To 6 00" In Height With Calf Size
  • Suits Various Sports, Fitness Activities & Everyday Use - Moisture Wicking Material, Light Weight, Classic Weave Of Our Sleeves Best Supports Calf And Shins, A Must Have For Running, Cycling, Basketball, Baseball, Volleyball, Martial Arts, Cross Fit, Training And Work Outs Or Any Fitness Activities. These Are Perfect For Low Or High Impact Exercises Enabling You To Warm Up Safely & Recover Quickly.
  • Get Relief Now + Recover Faster - Do You Suffer From Shin Splints, Calf Pain Or Swellings In The Feet? Do You Travel A Lot Or Are On Your Feet All Day? If Yes You Ll Love Our Compression Sleeves. These Shin Splint Compression Sleeves Aid In Mitigating Shin Splints, Preventing Calf Cramps, Protects Legs From Minor Scratches & Knocks.

It Just Works!! Wouldn't T It Be Great To Be Able To Train Harder, Recover Faster & Feel Stronger? Now You Can. Our Compression Sleeves Have True Graduated Compression For Improved Performance & Support. They Help Boost Circulation In Your Legs & Reduce Muscle Soreness For Faster Recovery Afterwards. Many Other Sleeves Just Have Tight Elastic Bands That Leave Deep Welts In Your Skin.

Privfit Calf Brace Shin Splint Compression Lower Leg Wrap Support for Torn Calf Muscle, Strain, Sprain, Pain Relief, Tennis Leg, Injury for Men and Women

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  • PROMOTES RECOVERY: Calf support brace helps to increase blood circulation and keep muscles warm during recovery. Calf and shin support brace speeds up healing from shin splints, pulled calf muscle, "tennis leg", and protects against re-injury.
  • PROVIDES SUPPORT AND HELPS RELIEVE PAIN: Neoprene calf brace support designed to bring back everyday movement by helping to reduce calf muscle pain, inflammation, cramping, swelling, and soreness.
  • EASY TO APPLY: The contoured shape of shin wrap fits the natural curve of the calf. Our shin splint brace is very easy to put on and take off without removing shoes, unlike calf bandage or shin splint band, which is a pain to wrap and unwrap every time or calf compression sleeve / neoprene calf sleeve / shin splint compression sleeve or shin splint socks, which cause damage when pulling up over the injured area.
  • SOFT, COMFORTABLE, AND FULLY ADJUSTABLE: Premium neoprene of shin brace provides a snug fit. Three straps design gives the ability to control the amount of needed compression and keeps the calf muscle brace in place. It can be easily worn directly on the calf, over pants, or on top of shin splint sleeve
  • ONE SIZE FITS MOST: Designed for both men and women, calf strain support can be worn on the right or left leg. Compression wrap for leg fit calves up to 20" in circumference at the widest point compatible with the hot & cold therapy pack

Tired of calf compression sleeves or shin splint compression socks, which is very hard to get them on without pain

 Privfit calf brace for torn calf muscle goes on without pulling over the foot.

Exhausted trying to keep the elastic bandage wrap from falling down-

Wide and durable hook and loop fasteners, adjustable for various sizes, prevent the Roxofit calf wrap from slipping or sliding during physical activity.

Perfect for post recovery from lower leg fracture (tibial stress fracture and fibula fracture).
Privfit shin splint wrap helps relieve pain, unusual nerve sensations, spasms, the feeling of tightness, and weakness in calf area caused by:

 Shin splints, also known as medial tibial stress syndrome (MTSS)
Calf strain (torn calf muscle)
Charley horse (cramps in the leg muscles)

Roxofit calf muscle support suitable for many activities:

Running, hiking, biking, tennis, basketball, soccer, racquetball, pickleball, cricket, baseball, and volleyball.

NS-14 Physix Gear Sport Calf Compression Sleeve for Men & Women Best Footless Socks for Shin Splints & Leg Cramps Runners Calves Circulation Remedy Support Stockings Running Gear Basketball

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  • STYLE AND CONFIDENCE ON YOUR LEGS: A Durable Compression Sock designed to last, without compromising quality or Comfort. Double stitched with Anti-Bacterial Fabric your legs will thank you. Feel the immediate Comfort and remarkable design of your new Stamina Long Sock Tights. The Perfect Work, Cycling, or Ski Socks. Quality stitched & Easy to get on even though they are a compression sock! They Wash well without losing compression keeping all the Excellent vascular toning benefits.
  • Firm Compression Socks: 20-30 mmHg high compression will provide a graduated firm support, thus helping to reduce swelling, cramping or muscle fatigue, quick recovery after indoor & outdoor activities, such as running, hiking, biking, cycling, jogging, gym fitness, exercise, marathon, travel, basketball/ football/ baseball/ golf/ tennis...various sport activities.
  • Breathable & Odor Free: Being made from soft elastic knitted fabric(nylon and spandex), promoting airflow and wicking moisture away to keep feet and legs dry.
  • Washing Instruction: Do not wash in machine. Hand wash in cold water with mild soap will better, and then air dry at room temperature.

Say Good Bye to Your Leg Pain When you feel tired after long distance travel,daily sport activities,or suffering from Edema, Diabetic, Varicose Veins, Shin Splints, You will need a pair of compression socks. And then you will surprisingly find the difference of wearing it or not, since it has the Benefits of -Boost Performance -Relieve Calf Pain -Better Blood Circulation -Faster Recovery -Tear Prevention -Light weight How to wear Make a pocket to put leg firstly,and then enter your feet to the pocket,finally use the fingers to pull the rest of sock up your calf . Just add to cart to say goodbye to pain!!!

Serveuttam (1 Pair) Calf Compression Sleeve,for Shin Splint, Relieve Calf Pain, Swelling, Varicose Veins for Men Women

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  • PROFESSIONAL COMPRESSION TECHNOLOGY - Produce by Seamless for Unique ventilation technology, so that the leg skin breathing freely. You can see the effect through the technology to adjust the compression strength for each part of the calf.
  • HIGH QUALITY & PERFECT SIZE - Graduated Compression Sleeves are comprised of 20% Spandex, 80% Nylon.The fit and construction of our sleeves ensure that the fit is snug without discomfort by bunching or slipping during activity. Designed for men and women
  • PREVENTS INJURIES - to Promote Venous Blood Backflow Heart, Creates the Highest Support Pressure on the Ankle. In the Calf to a Maximum Stress Value of 70% to 90%, Reduce to 25% to 45% of the Maximum Stress on the Thigh, This Decrease in Pressure Can Cause Venous Blood Flow in the Lower Extremities, Relieve Leg discomfort caused by varicose veins, swelling of the ankle, fatigue of the legs, edema, etc.
  • VERSATILE (SUITS YOUR ACTIVITY) - The calf sleeves & socks are perfect for everyday use especially while pregnant, for people in retail, air travel, jobs as a nurse or in construction that require a lot of standing on your feet. Whether high or low or high impact, these enable you to warm up safely and recover quickly.
  • IMMEDIATE SUPPORT & FAST PAIN RELIEF - Whether you suffer from intermittent or constant calf pain; give your legs instant support and enjoy fast pain relief.

CALF COMPRESSION FOR UNISEX Running, Tennis, Golf, Baseball, Basket ball, Driving, Hiking, Trekking , Racquetball , Truck Drivers, Martial Arts, Softball, CrossFit It covers all activities from general exercise to professional athlete. Provides all day comfort wear without sacrificing function and support.

Just rider Sport Knee Support Braces Calf Compression Sleeves Trainning Workout Guard Unisex Long Leg Socks - One Pair (BLACK, XL)

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  • ★ USE AS ACTIVE AND RECOVERY SLEEVES: compression sleeves may be used as both active and recovery sleeves. When used while running, the graduated compression reduces muscle vibration, which in turn reduces muscle fatigue. When used as a recovery sleeve, the increase in blood flow helps oxygen starved muscles recover much faster than normal.
  • ★ MATERIAL: The compression Sleeve is made from a lightweight mix of 25% Spandex and 75% Lycra. The Spandex has superior compression characteristics for maintaining firm pressure on the calves. The Lycra allows air to circulate to the skin, while at the same time allowing moisture to wick out. Produced on state-of-the-art looms, compression sleeves are flawless from top to bottom.
  • ★ HELPS SHIN SPLINTS AND PREVENTS INJURIES : Runners are prone to lots of common inflammation injuries. Using the compression sleeves will help you get relief from shin splints pain and prevent further injuries. They offer true graduated compression. This ensures increased blood transport to muscles over the entire length of the sleeve.
  • ★ SCOPE OF APPLICATION: Qite suitable for football, running, tennis, volleyball, badminton, tennis, Gym, Crossfit etc. Best partner for sports!

★ USE AS ACTIVE AND RECOVERY SLEEVES: compression sleeves may be used as both active and recovery sleeves. When used while running, the graduated compression reduces muscle vibration, which in turn reduces muscle fatigue. When used as a recovery sleeve, the increase in blood flow helps oxygen starved muscles recover much faster than normal.

FAVIO Calf Compression Sleeve Leg Performance Support Shin Splint & Calf Pain Relief. Men Women Runners Guards Sleeves Running. Improves Circulation Recovery (Black Large)

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  • COMPRESSION THERAPY TECHNOLOGY- Provides true graduated compression to promote blood circulation and oxygen flow. Prevents injuries such as cramping, fatigue, soreness and swelling. Perfect for muscle recovery, spider, varicose veins and diabetic. Nursing mothers to Extreme Athletes - Everyone will Benefit. #1 RECOMMENDED Therapy Sleeves on the market!
  • FAVIO KINESIOLOGY TAPING DESIGN- One-of-a-Kind compression sleeves that combine the stability of kinesiology taping with the performance of compression fabric. Designed to specifically target shin splints. This sleeve provides the same relief as kinesiology tape without the worry of getting "taped up" by a trainer. It helps stabilize muscles, prevent pain, injuries, and shin splints due to running, basketball, or everyday activities. Instant comfort & support!
  • DESIGNED FOR EVERYDAY USE- Designed for extra support of your posterior and anterior calf muscles. Specially designed to boost performance during leg intensive activity such as Marathon, Walking, Jogging, Running, Hiking, Gym Fitness Training, Basketball, Cycling, Weightlifting and more. It's also perfect for regular daily use for jobs that require you to be on your feet for long.
  • GET INSTANT RELIEF- Do you suffer from shin splints, calf pain or swellings in the feet? Do you travel a lot or are on your feet all day? If yes you'll love our compression sleeves. These shin splint compression sleeves aid in mitigating shin splints, preventing calf cramps, protects legs from minor scratches & knocks. Don’t price shop cheap imitations that just have tight elastic bands. Get these proven calf sleeves with true graduated compression, nothing else compares!
  • HELP ATHLETES GO AN EXTRA MILE- Our calf sleeves get your blood circulating as well as it does so in style. It is great for physical activities, relief from swelling leg issues, maternity. The graduated compression is the maximum above the ankle bone and gradually decreases towards the calf. You feel instant comfort and support.

Please measure the thickest part of your calf (circumference) to determine your size.

S / M Calf Size 11.5” – 14.5”
Large Calf Size 15” – 17.5”


Anatomically shaped to prevent injuries for a more comfortable and perfect fit!


Our graduation compression technology (20-30mmHg) provides the ideal compression to provide the maximum boost to your blood circulation!


  • Focus better on your daily activities.
  • Stop worrying about your discomfort!


  • By reducing muscular vibration during physical activities.
  • Speeds the circulation of blood back toward the heart and clear away metabolic waste products from the muscles.


  • Stimulates blood flow & Prevents cramping
  • Minimizes muscle oscillation and micro-tearing.


  • Helps control swelling through enhanced circulation, and hastens the removal of cellular waste products.
  • Reduces feelings of heaviness and tiredness in...

Just Rider Calf Compression Sleeves Men and Women 1 Pairs Footless Compression Socks for Shin Splint and Calf Pain Relief for Varicose Veins, Swelling, Maternity, Edema (Medium, Black)

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  • INCREASE BLOOD CIRCULATION WITH GRADUATED COMPRESSION - These medical calf compression stockings provide so that to enhance blood circulation in your legs, helps to constrict the wall of the veins, reduce varicose veins, pain, fatigue, shin splints or calf cramps. The fabric is strong to provide you premium support and lasting compression, comfort fit and breathable, different from other calf sleeves that are too tight.
  • RECOVERY MORE EFFECTIVE FROM PAIN - Are you still worry about the spider veins, edema, fatigue, soreness or swelling? Let our calf compression sleeve help you to promote recovery, reduce injury. Of couse, wear them will keep your foot and ankle in good shape. Meanwhile, calf sleeve can improve muscle warmth and flexibility of the calf muscle, provide the stability and safely.
  • ENJOY LIFE WITH CALF COMPRESSION SLEEVES - Help you to reduce injury in your legs and improve your performance more efficiently. These calf compression sleeves not only for running, cycling, hiking, walking, but also can be used for basketball, football, marathon, travel, workout or any other activities.
  • START SUPPORTING YOUR STIFF AND SORE MUSCLES & JOINTS - Copper Compression Calf / Shin Splint Recovery Leg Sleeves are designed to help support stiff and sore muscles. With all day and all night comfort to help you get the support you need. Commonly used by runners and/or people suffering from nagging calf injuries, shin splints, calf cramps and pain, achilles tendon, arthritis, tendinitis, stress fracture, stiff or sore muscles & joints, and more
  • KEEP YOUR JOINTS AND MUSCLES WARM ALL DAY with our ultra comfortable fabric that gives you support while still ALLOWING YOU TO RETAIN YOUR RANGE OF MOTION. This is extremely important because by retaining your range of motion, your muscles can continue to work and strengthen

Increase Blood Circulation With Graduated Compression - These Medical Calf Compression Stockings Provide, So That To Enhance Blood Circulation In Your Legs, Helps To Constrict The Wall Of The Veins, Reduce Varicose Veins, Pain, Fatigue, Shin Splints Or Calf Cramps. The Fabric Is Strong To Provide You Premium Support And Lasting Compression, Comfort Fit And Breathable, Different From Other Calf Sleeves That Are Too Tight Recovery More Effective From Pain - Are You Still Worry About The Spider Veins, Edema, Fatigue, Soreness Or Swelling? Let Our Calf Compression Sleeve Help You To Promote Recovery, Reduce Injury. Of Couse, Wear Them Will Keep Your Foot And Ankle In Good Shape. Meanwhile, Calf Sleeve Can Improve Muscle Warmth And Flexibility Of The Calf Muscle, Provide The Stability And Safely. Enjoy Life With Calf Compression Sleeves - Help You To Reduce Injury In Your Legs And Improve Your Performance More Efficiently. These Calf Compression Sleeves Not Only For Running, Cycling,...

Just rider Calf Compression Sleeve Socks Pair of 2 Performance Support for Shin Splint & Calf Pain Relief. Men Women Runners Guards Sleeves for Running. Improves Circulation & Recovery (Black, M)

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  • Calf Compression Sleeves are designed to supports your legs 24/7. Using specialized technology and medical grade fabrics these Just rider Sleeves are strategically designed to protect and contain the calf muscles during training and competition. Extremely powerful, breathable and engineered with graduated compression technology, get a pair of them to turbocharge your performance and recovery.
  • Usage covers multiple sports as well as medical purposes it is for athletes and individuals engaged in high performance activates. However, the elite calf sleeves not only support muscles via reduction in vibration but they are also excellent for recover purposes. The graduated compression characteristics enhances blood flow which helps the oxygen starved muscles recover faster than usual. Excellent for tackling edema, lymphedema, and venous insufficiencies
  • Reduce injury, fatigue, soreness and prevent shin splints:athletes are prone to a multitude of common inflammation injuries. The elite compression calf sleeves assist in muscle containment for reduced muscle vibrations and oscillations thus lowering the possibility of injury, fatigue and soreness. Additionally, they give true graduated compression starting at 25 mmhg at the top of the sleeve and moving down to 19 mmhg at the bottom near your achilles

Material keeps you dry and uber convenient:the elite calf sleeves are made from a mix of lightweight spandex and polyamide. Tested in independent laboratories and intense athletic competition the sleeves maintain their compression characteristics for a prolonged duration of time due to it's state of the art looms. The thin yarns assist in air circulation while the natural fabric qualities as well as traditional moisture wicking treatment keep your calves cool and dry

NUCARTURE® calf compression sleeve support for men running and compression socks sleeves for legs football Leg Warmers sleeves for shin splint (green,1 pc)

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  • Materials :Lyra , Color: black , green , blue , white , red.Package include -1Pc
  • Size: M (Top Leg Circumference 26-32cm,Under 16-19cm), L (Top Leg Circumference 28-34cm, Under 18-21cm), XL (Top Leg Circumference 30-49cm, Under 20-23cm).
  • Features: non-slip, with Silicone band, high quality lycra fabric, comfortable, breathable, supper elastic
  • Suitable sport: basketball, football, cycling, Mountaineering, fitness, gym, Mountain Bike, hiking and so on.
  • Improve Circulation and Decrease Muscle Recovery

Description Improve Circulation and Decrease Muscle Recovery Time:


If you are thinking about purchasing Calf Sleevs for Men, the information here will help to guide your buying decision. Make sure to consider the options and factors listed here to get the Best Calf Sleevs for Men in India that fulfills your needs and is economical and durable too.

In case you have any other queries or doubts, feel free to leave a comment below. Our experts will get back to you with the best possible solution.


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