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In this article, we’ll tell you about the Best Books For Men in India, including the 10 listed here as part of our Best Books For Men in India review and buying guide.

Along the way, we’ll also discuss the benefits, pros & cons, frequently asked questions and things to keep in mind when purchasing the Books For Men.

Best Books For Men in India – Updated List

Last updated on February 27, 2020 10:21 pm

Best Books For Men in India – Reviewed

Now let’s get down to the review of all these Books For Men one by one.

Man's Search For Meaning: The classic tribute to hope from the Holocaust

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  • Random House Export Editions

Man's Search for Meaning was first published in 1946. Victor Frankl was a leading psychologist in Vienna when he was arrested for being a Jew during the Nazi regime. He survived holocaust and used his experiences to write this book. He propounded the theory that it is Man's constant search for meaning that allows him to survive even the most brutal, the most degrading situations in his life.

He said there are only two races in the world, the decent and indecent. They will maintain their innate beliefs, no matter which side they are on. The decent ones will try to help the fellow human beings and the indecent ones will be selfish and serve themselves at the cost to the others.

Frankl's views were different from those of the leading psychologist of his times, Freud and Adler. His research was intensely personal and unique. His findings of human behaviour were based on the most extenuating circumstances that humans face. He suffered holocaust along with several other inmates and...

A Man Called Ove: The life-affirming bestseller that will brighten your day

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The million-copy bestselling phenomenon, Fredrik Backman's heartwarming debut is a funny, moving, uplifting tale of love and community that will leave you with a spring in your step. Perfect for fans of Rachel Joyce's The Unlikely Pilgrimage of Harold Fry, Graeme Simsion's The Rosie Project and David Nicholl's US.

New York Times bestseller

'Warm, funny, and almost unbearably moving' Daily Mail

'Rescued all those men who constantly mean to read novels but never get round to it' Spectator Books of the Year

At first sight, Ove is almost certainly the grumpiest man you will ever meet. He thinks himself surrounded by idiots - neighbours who can't reverse a trailer properly, joggers, shop assistants who talk in code, and the perpetrators of the vicious coup d'etat that ousted him as Chairman of the Residents' Association. He will persist in making his daily inspection rounds of the local streets.

But isn't it rare, these days, to find such old-fashioned clarity of belief and deed? Such...

SEXUALITY: 101 Dirty Text Messages: The Best Sex Book For Sexting & Dirty Text Messages (Dirty Talk 101 Series 14)

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AuthorDenise Brienne
BindingKindle Edition
FormatKindle eBook
LanguagesName: English; Type: Published
Number Of Pages21
Product GroupeBooks
Product Type NameABIS_EBOOKS
Publication Date2014-05-30
Release Date2014-05-30
TitleSEXUALITY: 101 Dirty Text Messages: The Best Sex Book For Sexting & Dirty Text Messages (Dirty Talk 101 Series 14)

Whether you are in your first relationship or you have been married for 20 years keeping the romance going is the secret. Denise will help you to keep the fire lit in any relationship with 101 Dirty Text Messages.

Relationships need work just like anything else that is worth having. If you are looking to make your relationship grow and be a healthy one, then you need to tend to it like you would anything else you care about.

If you can keep the passion going and the fires and sexuality burning in your relationship, then you will be very happy for many years to come. Let this fire fade, and your relationship or marriage will start to fall apart like so many others.

Denise writes books that help keep the fire lit, the sexy in a relationship and the passion burning. Never stop communicating, never stop having sex, and never ever let the burning flame of desire fade with your man or woman.

We hope you enjoy this list of 101 Dirty Text Messages.

Scroll up and grab a copy today!

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The Book Of Man

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BrandPenguin Random House
ColorThe Book of Man
EAN ListEAN List Element: 9780143420606
Item DimensionsHeight: 118; Length: 1142; Weight: 44; Width: 787
LabelPenguin Ananda
Legal DisclaimerFresh Copy, Brand New, Unused, mostly Dispatched same day, Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed.
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Package DimensionsHeight: 79; Length: 764; Weight: 62; Width: 504
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Part Number9780143420606
Product GroupBook
Product Type NameABIS_BOOK
Publication Date2013-03-07
PublisherPenguin Ananda
StudioPenguin Ananda
TitleThe Book Of Man

How do you find your original self? Osho perceives man as becoming increasingly alienated from his inner self, gradually losing his natural innocence and creativity in the mindless quest for worldly power and success. To appear strong, the average man suppresses his innate qualities of love and compassion. For Osho, the ideal man is Zorba, the Buddha―a perfect blend of matter and soul. This seamless collection of discourses takes the reader through the various stages of man’s evolution: from Adam to Slave, Son, Homosexual, Priest and Politician, until he attains the pinnacle of his consciousness as the Rebel or Zorba. Sparkling with anecdotes and enriched with brilliant repartee, The Book of Man is a remarkable blend of wisdom and wit.

Reflections Of A Man

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  • Black Castle Media Group, LLC.

Reflections Of A Man is a book designed for both men and women to enhance the quality of their personal relationships. For the women, it encourages you to recognize the true value of your love, to reevaluate your standards and to make the decision that you will no longer settle for anything less than someone who loves you, respects you, and truly makes you happy. For the men, this book will not only encourage you to learn more about the emotional needs of a woman, but it will provide you with clear insight into what a woman truly needs from you, emotionally, to be happy. Through beautiful words of poetry, powerful quotes and advice full of wisdom, Mr. Amari Soul creates a truly enlightening experience for both men and women with Reflections Of A Man. On one hand, women gain a new perspective on the true value of their love, raise their standards and refuse to settle. On the other hand, men become better equipped to, not only understand a woman's emotional needs, but they are better...

Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus

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  • Physical Condition: No Defects

“Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus: Get Seriously Involved With The Classic Guide To Surviving The Opposite Sex” written by John Gray. “You Can’t Live with Them, You Can’t Live without Them” is a true saying. The book helps the men to understand the inner working of a woman and vice versa. The emotions and expressions of men and women are different from each other. The book explains the reactions of women when she is in problem and on the other hand, how or why men suppress their emotions.

The book says number of things that can help in making a relationship healthy. If you are finding problems in your relationship, reading the book can help you in learning about the opposite sex. It offers advice on how to read emotions, when to be concerned and when to let time do the healing. This book has become an international phenomenon and is one of the most famous non-fiction publications of all time. A lively and accessible guide to successful communication between the sexes that...

The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari

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  • The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari

A renowned inspirational fiction, The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari is a revealing story that offers the readers a simple yet profound way to live life. The plot of this story revolves around Julian Mantle, a lawyer who has made his fortune and name in the profession. A sudden heart-attack creates havoc in the successful lawyer’s life. Jolted by the sudden onset of the illness, his practice comes to a standstill. He ponders over material success being worth it all, renounces all of it and leaves for India.

A visit to India about a spiritual awakening that opens up new vistas and Julian begins to view life in a different perspective. He decides to live his life once again but in a way that is much more fulfilling and meaningful than before.

In the book, the reader goes through a spiritual journey and into a very old culture that has gathered much wisdom over the millennia. The book advocates about how to live happily, think deep and rightly, value time and relationships, be more...

Dog Man: For Whom the Ball Rolls: From the Creator of Captain Underpants (Dog Man #7)

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AuthorDav Pilkey
CreatorDav Pilkey
EAN ListEAN List Element: 9789352758203
Item DimensionsWeight: 99
LabelScholastic Inc
ManufacturerScholastic Inc
Number Of Pages240
Package DimensionsHeight: 94; Length: 866; Weight: 121; Width: 591
Product GroupBook
Product Type NameABIS_BOOK
Publication Date2019-08-14
PublisherScholastic Inc
Release Date2019-08-14
StudioScholastic Inc
TitleDog Man: For Whom the Ball Rolls: From the Creator of Captain Underpants (Dog Man #7)

Howl with laughter with dog man, the internationally bestselling series from DAV Pilkey, the creator of Captain Underpants! the supa buddies have been working hard to help dog man overcome his bad habits. But when his obsessions turn to fears, dog man finds himself the target of an all-new Supervillain! Meanwhile, Petey the cat has been released from Jain and starts a new life with li'l Petey. But when petey's own father arrives, Petey must face his past to understand the difference between being good and doing good.

Jeevan Ke Arth Ki Talaash Me Manushya (Hindi edition of Man's Search for Meaning by Viktor Frankl)

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AuthorViktor E. Frankl
BindingKindle Edition
FormatKindle eBook
LabelWOW Publishings
LanguagesName: Hindi; Type: Published
ManufacturerWOW Publishings
Number Of Pages278
Product GroupeBooks
Product Type NameABIS_EBOOKS
Publication Date2018-02-04
PublisherWOW Publishings
Release Date2018-02-04
StudioWOW Publishings
TitleJeevan Ke Arth Ki Talaash Me Manushya (Hindi edition of Man's Search for Meaning by Viktor Frankl)

निराशा की ओर से आशा के प्रति समर्पण'यदि आप इस वर्ष केवल एक ही पुस्तक पढ़ना चाहते हों, तो निश्चित तौर पर वह पुस्तक डॉक्टर फ्रैंकल की ही होनी चाहिए।'
-लॉस एंजेलिस टाइम्स

मैंस सर्च फ़ॉर मीनिंग, होलोकास्ट से निकली एक अद्भुत व उल्लेखनीय क्लासिक पुस्तक है। यह विक्टर ई. फ्रैंकल के उस संघर्ष को दर्शाती है, जो उन्होंने ऑश्विज़ तथा अन्य नाज़ी शिविरों मे जीवित रहने के लिए किया। आज आशा को दी गई यह उल्लेखनीय श्रद्धांजलि हमें हमारे जीवन का महान अर्थ व उद्देष्य पाने के लिए एक मार्ग प्रदान करती है। विक्टर ई. फ्रैंकल बीसवीं सदी के नैतिक नायकों में से हैं। मानवीय सोच, गरिमा तथा अर्थ की तलाश से जुड़े उनके निरीक्षण गहन रूप से मानवता से परिपूर्ण हैं और उनमें जीवन को रूपांतिरत करने की अद्भुत क्षमता है।

-प्रमुख रब्बी, डॉक्टर जोनाथन सेक

Viktor E. Frankl was a professor of neurology and psychiatry at the University of Vienna Medical School until his death in 1997. His twenty-nine books have been translated into twenty-one languages. During World War II, he spent three years in Auschwitz,...

Babylon ka Sabse Ameer Aadmi

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  • Manjul Publishing House Pvt. Ltd

बैबिलॉन का सबसे अमीर आदमी आर्थिक सफलता के शाश्वत रहस्य धन-दौलत पर लिखी सबसे प्रेरक पुस्तक लाखों लोगों ने इस पुस्तक को पसंद किया है I इस पुस्तक में दिए गए सिद्धांतों का प्रयोग करके आप अपनी इच्छाओं को पूरा कर सकते हैं और अपने सपनों को साकार कर सकते हैं और अपने सपनों को साकार कर सकते हैं I इस पुस्तक में दौलतमंद बनने का रहस्य बताया गया है I आर्थिक सफलता के शाश्वत रहस्य सुख-समृद्धि की निश्चित राह बैबिलॉन की मसहूर कहानियों ने अनगिनत पाठकों की मदद की है I धन, आर्थिक योजना और व्यक्तिगत दौलत के विषय पर इसे सर्वश्रेष्ठ प्रेरक पुस्तक कहा जाता है I आसान भाषा में लिखी दिलचस्प और ज्ञानवर्धक कहानियाँ आपको दौलत की राह पर ले जाती हैं तथा सुख की मंज़िल तक पहुँचाती है I इस बेस्टसेलर में आपको अपनी आर्थिक समस्याओं के ऐसे समाधान मिलेंगे, जो ज़िन्दगी भर आपके काम आएँगे I इसमें धन कमाने, धन का संग्रह करने और धन बढ़ने के अचूक रहस्य बताए गए हैं I जॉर्ज सैम्यूअल क्लासन का जन्म लूसियाना, मिसूरी में नवंबर 1874 में हुआ I उन्होंने नेब्रास्का यूनिवर्सिटी में शिक्षा ली और स्पेनिश-अमेरिकन युद्ध के दौरान अमेरिकी सेना...


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